Lighting Ideas Decoration

lighting ideas decoration

Thoughtful lighting ideas decoration can work wonders to set the mood for rooms, highlight focal points and brighten up dull spaces. And yet, home lighting often gets overlooked as homeowners focus on more obvious elements of decor and home styling.

Whether you’re going for an ultra modern look or quietly country style, accent lights add interest and dimension to a room by framing furniture, art or other home décor in intriguing ways. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from — just make sure you opt for dimmers and switches that allow you to control the amount of light you’re using.

Ceiling lights can be great accents in any room, especially when you use a striking fixture with interesting texture or pattern. You can also get creative with uplighters, which are commonly used in bathrooms to create pools of light around artwork or behind a piece of furniture.

If your space is limited, opt for a chandelier or hanging fixture with a small footprint. These pieces will take up less room than a floor lamp or tabletop fixture and can still make a big impression. For a truly dramatic impact, consider clustering multiple smaller lamps together to form a grouping on an alcove or mantel.

Wall-mounted sconces can be a fantastic option for illuminating wall art or home decor. For example, this room’s symmetrical pair of sconces highlights the chimney in a way that makes it feel like a piece of art — even when the fireplace isn’t lit.

Pendant lights are a popular choice for bringing an elegant, contemporary vibe to a living room. The spherical shade of this fixture takes inspiration from the recent Art Deco renaissance, and its gold wire frame lends an extra-glam touch.

If you want to take a more eclectic approach, try a one-of-a-kind piece of lighting that features natural elements like eucalyptus branches or peacock feathers. Or if you’re looking to bring a rustic or industrial feel to your space, opt for a vintage-inspired metal fixture that has a distressed finish.

For a more traditional look, you can never go wrong with a classic lantern-style fixture. This fixture brings a warm, welcoming feel to any space, and it’s also easy to coordinate with a wide variety of color palettes.

String lights are an affordable, year-round way to decorate a mantel or other surfaces. Rather than just hanging strands in a grid, you can fill glass lanterns, oversize bowls and Mason jars with the lights to give your decor a pop of brightness. For an added twist, turn your battery-powered or solar string lights into a garland with some faux greenery and florists wire.

Lighting fixtures come in a vast array of styles, from industrial clamp lamps to statement-making chandeliers. However, no matter what type of fixture you choose for a room, it’s important to think about layering and how the different types of light will affect the overall tone of your home.

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