Chair Massage Near Me

chair massage near me

Chair massages are a great way to relax your neck, shoulders and back without leaving the comfort of your office or home. They are quick, effective and easy on the pocket book. This style of massage allows the client to remain fully clothed in a specially designed massage chair. In a matter of five to fifteen minutes, the massage therapist can soothe tired muscles and give the client that boost in energy and focus they have been looking for.

While chair massage is a great option for offices, it can also be used at trade shows and conventions as a way to attract potential clients and draw attention to the company booth. On site chair massage programs in the workplace are also becoming increasingly popular as a way to increase employee morale and show employees that the company is committed to their wellness.

As with table massage, there is the possibility of syncope (fainting) during a chair massage. This can happen when blood, and thus oxygen, no longer reaches the brain in sufficient quantity to maintain consciousness. It is most common in people who are very tall or who have an upper body weight imbalance or have had surgery, as these conditions limit the amount of blood that can flow through the head. The good news is that syncope is rare in chair massage and, with careful screening and monitoring by the practitioner, almost entirely preventable.

Some practitioners will ask a client to lie down in the chair halfway through the session, if they are experiencing signs of fainting or near-fainting. This will allow gravity to help restore the flow of blood to the brain. In the event that the person does lose consciousness, it is important to support them under their arms and gently lift them to a standing position, so they can be checked for breathing and pulse.

A good massage pad for the chair may help relieve sciatica, which is a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve — the long nerve that runs from your lumbar spine or lower back down to your legs — becomes irritated. If you have this condition, a chair pad that fits only the seat of your chair, such as the Healthy Spirit Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion, can provide soothing relief.

You should buy a massage pad that has adjustable height and mechanisms to massage your upper, middle and lower back. It should also have a heating function and an auto shut off feature. You should also consider the design of the pad, the number of massage settings, and customer reviews. The best products combine comfort, functionality and value, and can help reduce stiffness and pain while making sitting for long periods of time more comfortable. Some pads can be quite expensive, but others are much more affordable. You should choose the one that is right for you.

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